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X-ray Diffractometer D8 DISCOVER Series 2 by Bruker AXS

Main equipment


The D8 DISCOVER Series 2 is a state of the art X-ray Diffractometer system that is easy to use, highly accurate, and versatile to meet all needs in X-ray diffraction. The heart of the D8 DISCOVER Series 2 is the high-precision, two-circle goniometr with independent stepper motors and optical encoders for the Theta and 2Theta circles. The goniometr operates horizontally. The center opening in the Theta ring provides the maximum possible flexibility for different samples and sample stages, preferable an Eulerian cradle. The goniometr, its accessories, and the detector are controlled by an integrated microprocessor. The alignment of the Diffractometer is completely under computer control. The D8 DISCOVER Series 2 provides complete X-ray radiation protection. Applications include: - High-resolution diffraction - High-resolution reflectometry - Stress analysis - Texture analysis - X-Y mapping of flat samples - Microdiffraction - Standard powder diffraction

Contact Name:  Prof. Jarosław Mizera

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