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Dr. Marek Muzyk

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P.Kwa郾iak, M.Muzyk, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzyd這wski

Clustering of O–X, X = (Ag, Al, Ga, Sn, Sc, Zn, Zr) point defects in hexagonal Ti: Formation mechanism and ductility variations

Materials Chemistry and Physics 154 (2015) 137–143

J.Wr鏏el, D.Nguyen-Manh, M.Yu.Lavrentiev, M.Muzyk, S.L.Dudarev

Phase stability of ternary fcc and bcc Fe-Cr-Ni alloys

Physical Review B 91 (2015) 024108

P.Kwa郾iak, M.Muzyk, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzyd這wski

Influence of oxygen content on the mechanical properties of hexagonal Ti—First principles calculations

Materials Science and Engineering: A 590 (2014) 74-79

M.Muzyk, D.Nguyen-Manh, J.Wr鏏el, K.J.Kurzyd這wski, N.L.Baluc, S.L.Dudarev

First-principles model for phase stability, radiation defects and elastic properties of W–Ta and W–V alloys

Journal of Nuclear Materials 442 (2013) S680

P.Kwasniak, M.Muzyk, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzyd這wski

Influence of C, H, N, and O interstitial atoms on deformation mechanism in titanium—First principles calculations of generalized stacking fault energy

Materials Letters 94 (2013) 92

R.Dobosz, M.Muzyk, Z.Pakie豉, M.Lewandowska, K.J.Kurzyd這wski

Simulations of the elastic properties of nanomaterials using multiscale modelling methods

Mechanics of Materials 67 (2013) 74-78

D.Nguyen-Manh, M.Yu.Lavrentiev, M.Muzyk, S.L.Dudarev

First-principles models for phase stability and radiation defects in structural materials for future fusion power-plant applications

Journal of Materials Science 47 (2012) 7385

M.Muzyk, Z.Pakie豉, K.J.Kurzyd這wski

Generalized stacking fault energy in magnesium alloys: Density functional theory calculations

Scripta Materialia 66 (2012) 219-222

M.Muzyk, Z.Pakie豉, K.J.Kurzyd這wski

Ab initio calculations of the generalized stacking fault energy in aluminium alloys

Scripta Materialia 64 (2011) 916-918

M.Muzyk, K.J.Kurzyd這wski

Density Functional Theory Calculations of Properties of the Grain Boundaries in Aluminum

MRS Proceedings 1297 (2011) mrsf10-1297-p10-31

D.Nguyen-Manh, M.Muzyk, K.J.Kurzyd這wski, N.L.Baluc, M.Rieth, S.L.Dudarev

First-principles modeling of tungsten-based alloys for fusion power plant applications

Key Engineering Materials 465 (2011) 15

M.Muzyk, D.Nguyen-Manh, K.J.Kurzyd這wski, N.L.Baluc, S.L.Dudarev

Modeling W-V and W-Ta Alloys for Fusion Applications: Phase Stability, Short-Range Order and Point Defect Properties

MRS Proceedings 1298 (2011) mrsf10-1298-q06-05

M.Muzyk, D.Nguyen-Manh, K.J.Kurzyd這wski, N.L.Baluc, S.L.Dudarev

Phase stability, point defects, and elastic properties of W-V and W-Ta alloys

Physical Review B 84 (2011) 104115

P.如iewak, M.Muzyk, K.J.Kurzyd這wski, J.Vanhellemont, P.Wabi雟ki, K.M造narczyk, I.Romandic

Molecular dynamics simulation of intrinsic point defects in germanium

Journal of Crystal Growth 303 (2007) 12

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